Train themed postcards printed on a high quality heavy cardstock.

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Taurus - the only bull that can play the saxophone!

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Vectron – sleek German elegance and European bestseller.

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A legendary diesel express train from the GDR era, nicknamed either the Görlitzer or the Dolphine, sometimes also Vindobona.

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Some say that Polish ladies have the characteristic shape of eyes. But when this saying fits on a Polish locomotive too, you know you talk to a real railway fan!The „Anglik“, a...

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Motor unit 844, officialy named RegioShark in Czech Republic, but mostly known as „Žralok“ („Shark“ in English), is relatively new addition to Czech railway family.

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Originally the 742 locomotives were created as a short-term solution before new machines were about to arrive. In the end, the 742 – nicknamed „Bangle“ - became the most...

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This locomotive, nicknamed Sergej in the Czech Republic, Taigatrommel in Germany and Gagarin in Poland, is powerful, loved, hated and damn noisy. A...

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M152 railcar, which was renamed in 1988 to Class 810.

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Powerful, universal, versatile, but most importantly reliable. These are all features of a locomotive called “ESO” (Ace). This locomotive can deal with...

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Slovenská Strela – cherry-coloured beauty with a golden roof, born in July 1936. The ancestor of today’s Pendolino that turns the head of many railway workers for...

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“Vršovický Čtyřkolák” or for someone simply “Dvojka”. Locomotive, which was created in 1936 by the reconstruction of Class 434.0148.

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It is rightly called “Rakušanka” (Austrian). In its birth certificate, it is written in black and white – manufactured in 1961 at the SGP Floridsdorf Wien locomotive...

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