Backpack METRO 81-71

A Briquette or Black face. Different nicknames represent a legend and a symbol of the underground transportation within CEMA.

Code: 2135/BLK
2331 batoh sergej

This locomotive, nicknamed Sergej in the Czech Republic, Taigatrommel in Germany and Gagarin in Poland, is powerful, loved, hated and damn noisy. A...

Code: 2331/BLK
Backpack ESO

Powerful, universal, versatile, but most importantly reliable. These are all features of a locomotive called “ESO” (Ace). This locomotive can deal with both passenger and...

Code: 1724/BLK

“Bardotka”, “Berta” or “Zamračená” (Frowny) – it depends on your imagination, what comes to mind when looking at the face of this locomotive. It is one of the most popular...

Code: 1718/BLK

Ludmilla rightly belongs to the icons of German railways. There were over 870 units made over the years, first working in the eastern part of Germany (GDR), later in then...

Code: 2117/BLK
Backpack VECTRON

Vectron – sleek German elegance and European bestseller.

Code: 2105/BLK

M152 railcar, which was renamed in 1988 to Class 810. Vehicle of many contradictions. Popular and cursed at the same time. Vehicle of many nicknames such as “Skleník”...

Code: 2111/BLK
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