locomotion panske modre

LOCOMOTION - the mother of all locomotives.

Code: 3838/TMA/S
traxx panske modre

Traxx. French-Canadian "bomber" with German blood.

Code: 3796/TMA/S
3549 1 cmelak panske triko cerne

Almost 8,000 locomotives traversing the rails of half the planet - that's a real bumblebee (Čmelák in Czech).

Code: 3555/TMA/S
3528 3 cuba panske triko modre

One small rail element, which literally controls the movement. Čuba!

Code: 3540/TMA/XS
Children's T-shirt PAPOUŠEK

Like any good pirate, a lover of steam engines wears a Parrot!

Code: 2918/XS

Wear the traditional railway semaphore!

Code: 2672/TMA/XS
Children's T-shirt PANTOGRAF

One calls it the Pantak, another one the Tornado. Just one crate, two different power sources.

Code: 2385/TMA/S
Children's T-shirt BOBINA

A heroine of the post-war development of the electrification of the Czechoslovak railways.

Code: 2238/TMA/S
Children's T-shirt ŠTOKR

Štokr - the star worker of heavyweight trains.

Code: 2289/TMA/S
ice 2018

Let's celebrate the snow-white ICE trains.

Code: 2024/XS
Children's T-shirt BÉČKO

Also known as the B, leather or jaundice.

Code: 1814/TMA/S
Children's T-shirt URBINO

It's small, it's striped and it drives around Prague, what is it?

Code: 1748/GRE/S
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