Children's sweatshirt KAROSA

Who wouldn't love the bending bus?

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Children's sweatshirt RTO

Frame-Trambus-Passenger (in Czech: Rámový Trambusový Osobní) - three words defining the name of an iconic bus legend. The RTO.

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slechta kids

Šlechtična - no more words needed.

Code: 1331/TMA/XS
2orchestrion mikina detska

M152 railcar, which was renamed in 1988 to Class 810. Vehicle of many contradictions. Popular and cursed at the same time. Vehicle of many nicknames such as “Skleník”...

Code: 719/XS
strela mikina detska

Slovenská Strela – cherry-coloured beauty with a golden roof, born in July 1936. The ancestor of today’s Pendolino that turns the head of many railway workers for...

Code: 713/XS
kafemlejnek mikina detska

“Kafemlejnek” or “Třistadesítka” are nicknames for the small 0-6-0 tender locomotive with a bulbous chimney and a high steam dome just behind the chimney....

Code: 710/XS
eso mikina detska

Powerful, universal, versatile, but most importantly reliable. These are all features of a locomotive called “ESO” (Ace). This locomotive can deal with...

Code: 707/XS
ctyrkolak mikina detska

“Vršovický Čtyřkolák” or for someone simply “Dvojka”. Locomotive, which was created in 1936 by the reconstruction of Class 434.0148. During its long steam life,...

Code: 704/XS
bobinka mikina detska

“Malá sestra od Bobiny” (Little sister of Bobina) for some people, “Kapesní Bobinka” (Pocket Bobinka) for the other. This small likeable locomotive earned these nicknames...

Code: 701/XS
2sergej mikina detska

This locomotive, nicknamed Sergej in the Czech Republic, Taigatrommel in Germany and Gagarin in Poland, is powerful, loved, hated and damn noisy. A...

Code: 695/XS
2brejlovec mikina detska

“Brejlovec” (Goggles), “Brejlák” or for our Slovak-speaking neighbours “Okuliarnik”. All these are nicknames for a diesel, box-type four-axle locomotive with electric power...

Code: 689/XS
2zabotlam mikina detska

This iconic train unit has received many nicknames, such as “Panťák, “Žába” and “Emilka”. The first “Žabotlam” units were manufactured in 1964 and their expected service life...

Code: 686/XS
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