Kids T-Shirts

Children's T-shirt BÉČKO

Also known as the B, leather or jaundice.

Code: 1814/TMA/S
Children's T-shirt URBINO

It's small, it's striped and it drives around Prague, what is it?

Code: 1748/GRE/S
Children's T-shirt KAROSA

Who wouldn't love the bending bus?

Code: 1778/TMA/S

Frame-Trambus-Passenger (in Czech: Rámový Trambusový Osobní) - three words defining the name of an iconic bus legend. The RTO.

Code: 1691/TMA/S
plechac panske modre

Plecháč (tin man), that's an alternation with the scent of the south.

Code: 1664/TMA/S
2 KT8D5 triko panske sede

KT8D5 - the "ducks" of Czechoslovak tramway ponds.

Code: 1451/GRE/S
Children's T-shirt T1 tram

Tatra T1 - the first Tatra with American roots.

Code: 1391/GRE/X

The Ringhoffer tram, the Art Nouveau star of film screens.

Code: 1370/GRE/S
panske detske front1406

Paternoster - an elevator with a character.

Code: 1412/TMA/S
1310 2slechticna triko panske cerne

Šlechtična - no more words needed.

Code: 1328/BLK/S
2taurus panske detske modre

Taurus - the only bull that can play the saxophone!

Code: 1223/TMA/S
2T3 triko panske sede

The T3 by Tatra, the true lady of the rails.

Code: 1190/S
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