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plechac panske modre

Plecháč (tin man), that's an alternation with the scent of the south.

Code: 1664/TMA/S
2 KT8D5 triko panske sede

KT8D5 - the "ducks" of Czechoslovak tramway ponds.

Code: 1451/GRE/S
Children's T-shirt T1 tram

Tatra T1 - the first Tatra with American roots.

Code: 1391/GRE/X

The Ringhoffer tram, the Art Nouveau star of film screens.

Code: 1370/GRE/S
panske detske front1406

Paternoster - an elevator with a character.

Code: 1412/TMA/S
1310 2slechticna triko panske cerne

Šlechtična - no more words needed.

Code: 1328/BLK/S
2taurus panske detske modre

Taurus - the only bull that can play the saxophone!

Code: 1223/TMA/S
2T3 triko panske sede

The T3 by Tatra, the true lady of the rails.

Code: 1190/S
2vectron detske triko modre

Vectron – sleek German elegance and European bestseller.

Code: 1046/S
2gorlitzer detske panske modre

A legendary diesel express train from the GDR era, nicknamed either the Görlitzer or the Dolphine, sometimes also Vindobona.

Code: 1031/S
2ludmilla panske detske triko modre

Ludmilla rightly belongs to the icons of German railways. There were over 870 units made over the years, first working in the eastern part of Germany (GDR), later in then...

Code: 1022/S
2 81 71 panske cerne

A Briquette or Black face. Different nicknames represent a legend and a symbol of the underground transportation within CEMA.

Code: 956/S
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